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Original Cinematography Used while filming
Directed by Yoshiro Edamasa
Music by ?
Running time 75 minutes (Japan)
Budget ???
Daibutsu kaikoku (Japanese: 大佛廻國,   Hepburn: Daibutsu Kaikoku?, lit. Great Buddha) also known as The Great Buddha Arrival[1][2] is a 1934 lost Japanese Tokusatsu film directed by Yoshiro Edamasa. it was the first film in an unmade trilogy of films planed to be made by Giant Buddha Movie Factory [3] but were never achieved because of the films disappearance in a bombing by Allied forces during World War II[4] which first the studio to shut down forever[5] but in 2018 a remake of the lost film was made.[6][7] The film is stars Jun'ichirô Nirasawa, Shelley Sweeney, Masanori Kikuzawa, Shūdō Ishikawa, Kazuyo Kojima, Tankai Soganoya and was originally released to Japanese theatres on September 14, 1934.[1][3][2][7][8]



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Jurakuen Daibutsu (The Great Buddha) statue in Shurakuen Park comes to life, opens it eyes and then rises to his full 33-meter height, and embarks on a walk to save humanity.

After passing through tourist attractions in the Chukyo region, the statue flies off to Tokyo. A 1934 magazine article purportedly describes scenes in which the statue "strides over a train," "rests his head on a three-story building," and "makes geisha girls dance on his palm."


  • Jun'ichirô Nirasawa
  • Shelley Sweeney
  • Masanori Kikuzawa
  • Shūdō Ishikawa
  • Kazuyo Kojima
  • Tankai Soganoya


  • Director: Yoshiro Edamasa (as Masayoshi Eda)
  • Produced by  Yoshiro Edamasa
  • Cinematography by   Haruzo Ando, Harumi Machii
    • Original work/play adaptation: Daibutsu Movie Works
    • Planning: Yoshikazu Tateishi , Shunzo Ando
    • Photography: Harumi Fujii, Torao Yamanaka
    • Recording: Haruki Matsui
    • Starring: Hidemichi Ishikawa , Ichiyo Kojima, Kazuya Shiga, Izumi Ami (special appearance)
    • Production: Daibutsu Movie Factory
    • Screening time (9 rolls / 2,057 meters): 75 minutes
    • Format: Black and white movie (part color)-Talkie- Standard size (1.33:1)
    • First performance: Osu World Museum


  • The Great Buddha's Country, Chukyo (Original Japanese title)
  • The Great Buddha (Japanese title)
  • The Great Buddha's Arrival (Original Worldwide title)

Film mystery

the film is said to have the theme of "Kaiju" but facts show that wasei kingu kongu and King Kong Appears in Edo alike also have "Kaiju" Themes but Toho is the company that really made Kaiju the film may be a hoax or real but no more information has come to tell us this is true.


the film was originally released on September 14 in 1934.


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  1. the film was said to be destroyed in the booming of World War ii by The Allied forces (One America or United States).
  2. the film was remade in 2018 by the grandson of Yoshiro Edamasa.


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