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Gamera 3: Awakening the evil god

Gamera 3 Awakening of the evil god Iris (also known as Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris) is a 1999 film, only distributed by toho Directed by Shusuke Kaneko.


in the year 1999, three years after the Battle of Gamera and Legion . Mayumi Nagamine , who once discovered Gyaos , a slaughtering life-form that preys on humans and is now the leading researcher, was investigating the body of a Gaos found in a village in a country just below the equator. When Mayumi asked the villagers through the guide, "Isn't there another Gyaos?", everyone pointed to the direction of the sky all at once. Around that time, the “ Kaikou ” probe, which is under deep sea investigation in the sea near Okinotorishima , discovers a vast number of gamera bones, which can be called “gamela's graveyard”.

Four years ago, a girl, Ayana Hirasaka, and her younger brother Satoru, who lost their parents in the battle between Gamera and Gyaos in Tokyo , were taken over by their relative, the Hinohara family, who lived in Minami Asuka Village , Takashi- gun , Nara Prefecture . Ayana was trapped in the intense hatred that came from her grudge against Gamera, and she was still unable to get along with her relatives and the people around her. One day, Ayana was made to do a courageous trial by a group of three classmates who bully Satoru, and it is in the shrine on the grounds of the old house of Morikabe in Asuka MinamiBring out the stone that seals "Yanagiseihari" from the cave that is said to sleep . Ayana's classmate, Tatsunari Moribe, is informed by her sister about the circumstances and rushes to the scene, and Ayana and the two of them return the sealed stone to the cave. At that time, they find a strange egg-shaped object in the back of the cave.

Since 1995, the Japanese government has decided to set up a “Giant creature damage countermeasures committee” in response to the huge biological disasters that hit Japan, such as Gyaos and Legion, and Mayumi also calls for participation. On September 17, discussions will be held with experts from various fields including Masaaki Saito, who worked with Mayumi on Gyaos, and Mito Asakura, who belongs to the Cabinet Secretariat, which is the backbone of Japan . On the same day, around 7:30 pm , Gamera and two Gyaos appear in the sky above Shibuya , Tokyo . The first Gyaos, shot down by Gamera's plasma fireball, falls near Shibuya Station and is stabbed to stop by Gamera, who also landed at Shibuya Station. Gamera fires plasma fireballs and smashes another Gyaos, but after a battle that ignores the damage to the surroundings, the area around Shibuya is completely destroyed and more than 10,000 victims are killed. .. With this tragedy, the government and public opinion take Gamera as more dangerous than Gyaos, and Ayana deepens further hatred for Gamera.

At the same time, a strange creature is born from the egg-shaped object that Ayana found in the cave. Ayana who visited the cave again, the mystery that has been buried under the stone sealed jewels through the commute this organism and the mind, taking the name of the deceased飼猫" Iris termed". Tatsunari admonishes Ayana, thinking that this creature will be passed on to the Morbe family for generations, "The world will be destroyed if it is revived." Go. Iris, who has grown rapidly with Ayana's hatred, forms a cocoon and wraps Ayana in herself. Ryusei rushes to the cave and rescues Ayana from the cocoon, but Ayana becomes unconscious and Iris disappears.

Starting with the shooting down of an airliner in Egypt, Gyaos was infested all over the world. Mayumi considers a hypothesis about " mana ", a life energy that circulates in the Earth's ecosystem, from a simulation disk sent from Asakura's brain Shinya Kurata and a dialogue with a girl who once communicated with Gamera, Kusanagi Asaku . In 1996, Gamera consumed a large amount of mana in order to defeat Legion, which greatly disrupted the balance of the global environment and triggered the outbreak of Gyaos. Mayumi, who received a report that a Gyaos-like creature appeared in Minami Asuka Village, reunited with the great power of the former Nagasaki Prefectural Police Department who survived the disaster of Shibuya even if he was homeless even though he was homeless and was destroyed by his life. I encourage him to go to the field together. Gyaos predation and villagers of the corpse was mummified which is different from the of, Mayumi to examine the tissue pieces of egg shell and cocoon that has been left in the cave of Morube house, treasure tool, to stop the "YanagihoshiCho" ten Encountered Ryūsei, who was trying to take a sword out of the shrine in front of the cave, and asked about the existence of Ayana. Mayumi, who visited Ayana who was sleeping in the hospital, told that Ayana had a magatama different from that of Gamera, and Asahi visited Minami Asuka Village to meet Ayana. The National Institute of Genetics, which received the tissue pieces collected by Mayumi, showed that the organism (Iris) was a mutant of Gyaos, but had its own chromosome.It is a tremendous thing that even changes the structure, it is already a different organism from Gyaos, and I tell Mayumi the conclusion that "I can not predict how far it will continue to evolve."

Asakura, a descendant of the super ancient civilization who created Gaos and Gamera, sends Ayana from the hospital to investigate Ayana, who had contacted Iris. Mayumi and Asaou are greeted by Kurata after they are sent to Kyoto following Ayana's information. Kurata, while en route to Asakura, announces that the deep-sea "Gamera's Graveyard" is a disposal site for Gamera, who could not be a guardian beast of Mana. Mayumi suggests to Asakura that Iris may have attempted a fusion with Ayana, and insists that Ayana be transported to a well-equipped hospital in Tokyo. At the same time, Tatsunari, who was taught by Osako, follows Ayana and goes to Kyoto with Osako. Iris, who preyed on the creatures in the vicinity of Asuka Minami and became an adult , annihilated the GSDF ordinary department platoon he was observing , and flew in search of perfect fusion with Ayana.

Iris enters an aerial battle between the F-15J fighter who was patroling Gamera over the Kii Peninsula and the gamera that appears next, but the Self-Defense Forces, who prioritize the elimination of Gamera, escape with a chance to attack Gamera with Petriot . Large typhoon No. 8 approaches Kyoto City , and the aircraft cannot reach, while Atlantis' evil god Iris and Guardian Beast Gamera land in Kyoto. Iris, who literally turned into an evil god in the eyes of Ayana who was full of hatred, began to overwhelm Gamera, and finally Gamera was slain in the Kyoto Station building where Ayana and Mayumi are. Asakura robs Ayana of the magatama and tries to communicate with Iris, but it fails, and he is crushed by rubble with Kurata. Iris tries to merge with Ayana as it is, but Ryusei who arrives at Kyoto Station throws a ten-handed sword and breaks the connection between Iris and Ayana. Iris blows away Ryusei and forcibly takes Ayana, who has returned to her sanity, into the body and tries to achieve fusion, but the returning gamera scoops her abdomen and Ayana is taken out.

Iris pierces Gamera's right hand with a spear arm and tries to stab the stop with a plasma fireball reproduced from the gene read. Gamera blows out his right arm with a fireball and escapes, catches the fireball released by Iris with his right arm, turns it into a fist of fire, and strikes and crushes Iris' wound. After that, Ayana gets nothing from Mayumi's desperate cardiopulmonary resuscitation and Mana called by Gamera, and Ryusei survives without injury. Ayana deeply regrets her work and tears. At that time, the Japanese government and the Self-Defense Forces, after contacting the U.S., Chinese, and Russian troops and understanding that Gyaos all over the world was heading to Japan, changed the priority target from Gamera to Gyaos and intercepted with all their might. To decide. Gamera, whose wounds haven't healed, is also sent off to Mayumi, Asahi, Tatsunari, and Ayana, and they head for the battle with Gyaos.


  • Shinobu Nakayama as Mayumi Nagamine: one of the main characters of the series. Mayumi is a scientist who is intrigued by Gamera, and forms a partnership with Asagi due to the latter's past experiences with the monster.
  • Ai Maeda as Ayana Hirasaka / Young Ayana: a tormented young girl whose parents were unintentionally killed by Gamera's previous feud with Gyaos. She forms a bond with Iris and her rage fuels the creature's appetite for destruction.
  • Ayako Fujitani as Asagi Kusanagi: Gamera's former human companion, who sacrificed their bond during his fight with Legion three years earlier.
  • Senri Yamasaki as Mito Asakura: a sadistic woman who believes that Gamera is an evil spirit bent on destruction and that Iris is the key to his downfall.
  • Toru Tezuka as Shinya Kurata: a mysterious man who claims to be a descendant of the advanced civilization that created Gamera and Gyaos.
  • Takasaki Nayami as GF Colonel Takoshi: the colonel of the Japanese Self-Defense Force.
  • Hakosaki Sato as GF General
  • Kenji Soto as Dr. Sato
  • Yukijirō Hotaru as Inspector Osako
  • Masahiko Tsugawa as Commander in Chief of the Air Defence Command (Lieutenant General)
  • Hirofumi Fukuzawa as Gamera: the film's titular kaiju, Gamera is a giant, ancient fire-breathing turtle created to destroy the Gyaos, a race of vampiric bird-like creatures
  • Akira Ohashi as Iris: the film's main kaiju antagonist, Iris is a creature that must feed on bodily fluids to survive and forms a spiritual bond with Ayana, using her hatred for Gamera to feed its strength
  • Kei Horie as Shigeki Hinohara: Ayana's cousin
  • Yukie Nakama as Female Camper


  • Director : Shusuke Kaneko
  • Screenplay: Kazunori Ito , Shusuke Kaneko
  • Special skill director : Shinji Higuchi
  • Monster molding: Tomoo Haraguchi
  • Monster Design: Masahiro Maeda , Shinji Higuchi
  • Cocoon type: Takayuki Takeya
  • Iris molding: Fuyuki Shinada , Takuya Yamabe and others
  • Operation: Katsuro Onoue
  • CG director, trailer production: Atsushi Sato
  • Music: Yuki Otani
  • Theme song: "I want you to teach me again"
    • Lyrics: Shusuke Kaneko Composition: Yukio Otani Arrangement: Yoshio J. Maki Song: Juliana Shanaud
  • Photo: Junichi Tozawa
  • Lighting: Shosuke Yoshikaku
  • Art: Hajime Oikawa
  • Recording: Yasuo Hashimoto
  • Edit: Isao Tomita
  • Assistant Directors: Hideaki Murakami, Koji Yamaguchi , Masahiko Yamakawa, Shintaro Horikawa, Yusuke Kubota
  • Sound effects: Shinichi Ito , Aya Kojima
  • Sound Editor: Naoko Asashi
  • Stunt Coordinator: Mitsuo Abe
  • ASP Unit Line Producer: Kazutoshi Wadakura
  • Philippine Location Line Producer: Atlantic Attitude
  • Studio: Daiei Studio
  • Development/Production Cooperation: IMAGICA
  • Special effects unit
    • Photography: Satoshi Murakawa
    • Lighting: Hayashikata Valley
    • Art: Toshio Miike
    • Operation: Izumi Negishi
    • Edit: Hiroshi Okuda
    • Assistant Director: Makoto Kamiya , Yuichi Kikuchi , Shigetsugu Saito, Nao Yokokura
    • Visual effect: Hajime Matsumoto
    • Bespoke team (Group B): Tokusatsu Institute
  • Visual Effects: Visual Science Laboratory, Digital Frontier, Digital Engine Laboratory, Gonzo , Japan Effect Center , Japan Visual Creative , Tsudo Kobo, IMAGICA
  • Special cooperation: Defense Agency , West Japan Railway Company , Kyoto Station Building Development
  • Advertising cooperation: SEGA Enterprises , Toshiba , Media Factory
  • General Conductor: Yasunori Tokuma
  • Production representatives: Hiroyuki Kato, Kazuhiko Ishikawa, Kiyoshi Ono, Naomasa Tsuruta
  • Producers: Tsutomu Tsuchikawa, Naoki Sato , Yuki Minamizato
  • Associate Producers: Seiji Okuda , Naoya Fujimaki
  • Production: Daiei, Tokuma Shoten , Nippon Television Network , Hakuhodo , Japan Publishing Sales

Suit actor[]

  • Gamera: Hirofumi Fukuzawa
  • Iris: Akira Ohashi


  • 1999 Japan Internet Film Award Japan Film Award


  • Miki Mizuno, who played the heroine Aoi Honami of the previous work, was scheduled to reappear in the same role, but it did not happen due to various circumstances such as schedule  .
  • As for Yuko Koyama, who played the role of Tatsunari Moribe, the profile was not featured in the pamphlet, unlike his sister, Nozomi Ando (new face notation), and a brief filmography in the related book “Gamera 3 Vanishing Book”. Said Higuchi's comment. Only a few have appeared in the making video. In the BD version of "15th Year's Testimony," an episode in which assistant director Shintaro Horikawa stayed at home was told.
  • As with the previous two works, NTV is involved in the production, so the Kojimachi Studio of the newly-created CS news channel "NNN24 (currently Nippon Television NEWS24 )" has appeared as a news studio. The program " THE Wide ," " NNN today of the events ", " NNN News dash appeared" is in play, the moderator of the scene of "THE Wide" Hitoshi Kusano together, et al., Nojiri appeared in previous work (Sapporo Youth Science Museum Director, performance: Yusuke Kawazu ) has appeared as a guest commentator. Also, in the past two works, the local affiliated stations of the towns involved were appearing, but the local stations of Nara and Kyoto, Yomiuri TV , which was the stage of this work, have not appeared.
  • It is tied up with Sega 's dream cast and has appeared as a game machine at Nagamine's home. Visual memory "Gamera Dream Battle" was also released.
  • At the beginning of the battle scene in Shibuya, the NHK Broadcasting Center building was shown several times. It is said that this is because the center area that the director destroyed is narrowing down the candidates to Shibuya Station - Shibuya Center Street or Udagawa Town such as Shibuya Seibu and NHK station building . When Higuchi, the special performance director , appeared in " Top Runner ", a plasma fireball fired at Gaos drew a storyboard that hits NHK directly, but the completed movie has not been damaged.[1]Gamera 3 Awakening the evil god[2]Gamera 3 Awakening the evil god
  • For the destruction scene in Shibuya, we planned a large-scale location in front of Shibuya Station and Shibuya Center Gai, but the permission did not come down (Sibuya is difficult to get permission for the location of the video work), so the atmosphere is as set as possible. It was filmed in another similar place (mainly Kichijoji ). In addition, Marui (Marui City Shibuya), whose building was cut by an ultrasonic scalpel emitted by Gaos, gave consent for the depiction of the building's destruction, but showed difficulty in using the name. Since the miniature was completed as the "0101" building), the "0101" logo on the wall of the building has been changed to the fictitious name "9191"  .
  • "Minami Asuka Village", which is located in Takaichi-gun , Nara Prefecture, does not actually exist. Most of the filming was done around Otsuki City, Yamanashi Prefecture , and some of the miniature special effects scenes were filmed at Lake Sagami Picnic Land ( Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture ) and Daiei Studio. The JNR 115 series trains taken in Yamanashi Prefecture were made to appear as Nara trains.[3]Gamera 3 Awakening the evil god[4]Gamera 3 Awakening the evil god[5][6]Gamera 3 Awakening the evil god[7]Gamera 3 Awakening the evil god[8]Gamera 3 Awakening the evil god
  • There is a scene where Gamera protects a child who has escaped from the ultrasonic female of Gaos in the game against Gaos in Shibuya. "I wanted to make Gamera look more like a child," director Kaneko said.
  • The battle scene between the JGSDF advance platoon and Iris in the mountains of Nara was filmed with the cooperation of the Ground Self-Defense Force 1st Division 1st Ordinary Department Regiment . The empty envelope is used in the shooting scene . The scene of the empty package shooting was by an actual GSDF member, but the scene with dialogue was by an actor and was edited by connecting both separately recorded scenes.
  • At the Kyoto Station Building, which became the stage when the movie was released, the "Gamera Exhibition", which exhibited photographs and models related to the work, was held in the East Plaza.
  • On the plug-in map of the game " The Tower II ", there is "Kyoto Station Building GIII" that is a tie-up with this work.
  • Director Kaneko was also in charge of the director of Godzilla 's Millennium series " Godzilla, Mothra, and King Ghidorah: The Great Kaiju Total Attack ", which started after the end of the Heisei Gamera trilogy , so he was the first director to shoot both Monster and Godzilla monster movies. Became.
  • Gamera 3 Awakening the evil godMasaaki Hirose, who played the chief of "Kairei" , died at the age of 53 due to liver cancer on March 7, the day after the release of this work .[9]Gamera 3 Awakening the evil god
  • Shinji Higuchi, who had been worried about the special move of this work after issuing Ultimate Plasma in the previous work, had a plan to ``use Ultimate Plasma again'' at the design draft stage, so the abdominal firing hole was exposed The existing design is also extant. Eventually, the monster-modeling Tomo Haraguchi recalled the Hong Kong movie " One-armed Dragon " and advised him "If one arm could be torn off," a fire hand (vanishing fist) was born. Gamera, like humans, has the meaning of being heroic and painless  .
  • Gamera 3 Awakening the evil godHirofumi Fukuzawa, who acted as a game actor for Gamera, participated in the interim period of the special effects TV drama " Hoshijuu Sentai Gingaman "  . Although there were times when the filming was at risk of life, in an interview in a later year I remember that the filming of " Kamen Rider Kuuga " that I participated in the following year was more severe than this work  .
    • In the scene of walking in the fire, it was rather cold because the whole body was coated with a heat protection gel  . In the same scene, when he slipped with a gel and was about to fall, he squeezed it and picked it up again, and in the finished work, a cry was put in with the face facing up at this time, saying that it was a good name for the injury. there  .
    • There was a gimmick that spouted carbon dioxide at the mouth of the gamer, and there was a situation in which Fukuzawa suffocated due to the backflow of this carbon dioxide when shooting  . At this time, the surroundings were aware that no gas came out of the mouth, but could not recognize the incident inside, and Fukuzawa understood the cause from the experience of smoking the smoke of dry ice hidden in the trampoline at a young age. Escaped difficulties  . Fukuzawa says it was a good experience, although it may have been quite dangerous  .
    • The operation engineer Izumi Negishi has released a diary detailing the shooting of the special effects group of this work. [1]


Gamera 4: Truth


The publisher is Daiei → Kadokawa Entertainment → Kadokawa Movie (now Kadokawa Shoten). Tokuma Japan is the distributor in the Daiei era .

  • VHS was released on September 1, 1999. Low-priced version released on February 4, 2000 .
  • LD was released in October 1999 as LD-BOX "Gamera 3 Yakugami Awakening Special Edition LD-BOX". The three-disc set contains a lot of special footage only for this title, such as making footage (not the same as GAMERA1999 ), collection of omits , "I want you to tell me again" music clips, and staff interviews.
  • The DVD was released on February 21, 2001 ( Jewel Case )  .
    • It is recorded on "Gamera THE BOX (1995-1999)"  released on March 23, 2001  and "Gamera 40th Anniversary Z Plan DVD-BOX" released on August 31, 2006.
    • Single volume (revised to tall case) was re-released on October 26, 2007.
Both are using the single volume master released in 2001 (including the menu screen).
  • DVD digital remaster version using Blu-ray Disc version digital remaster released on July 23, 2010.
  • For the Blu-ray Disc , the "Heisei Gamera Blu-ray BOX" released on August 28, 2009 and the single volume version will be released simultaneously. HD remastering has been performed, and a part of  15th year's testimony  interview of the production team  is recorded as a special image .


Gamera (Heisei film Series)


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