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Godzilla: Final Wars
[[Image:Godzilla- Final Wars (2004) Japanese Poster.jpg|200px|]]
The Original Japanese Theatrical release poster
Directed by Ryuhei Kitamura
Produced by Shogo Tomiyama
Music by Keith Emerson

Nobuhiko Morino Daisuke Yano

Running time 126 minutes (Japan)
Budget 2 billion Yen

GODZILLA FINAL WARS is an 2004 toho action film,Directed by Ryuhei Kitamura


in The Year 20XX, As a result of frequent nuclear tests and wars around the world, sleeping monsters woke up and peeled their fangs from humankind. To counter this, the United Nations formed the Earth Defense Force and at the same time formed a unit " M Organization " of mutants with superior capabilities to ordinary human beings . Godzilla, the monster king who frightened the world since 1954, was the greatest enemy of humankind, but Godzilla was confined in an ice block by the Goten which engaged in the Antarctic .

Twenty years later, the latest Earth Defense Force ship, the new Todoroki , repels Manda at the bottom of the sea off Normandy , but the damage to the ship is severe, and Captain Douglas Gordon is headquartered in this case. It will be more subject to martial law meetings. After that, Shinichi Ozaki, a member of the M organization, heads to investigate the mummy monster found off the coast of Hokkaido as the escort of Otomi Miyuki, a scientist dispatched from the United Nations.

Around that time, the first Japanese Secretary-General to the United Nations, the airplane with Daigo, disappeared, and as a result, a large number of monsters appeared all over the world at the same time. A monster suddenly disappears in front of the struggling Earth Defense Force, and a huge UFO appears above Tokyo. Daigo appeared from the inside, and was told that he was rescued by an alien named X Alien. It is said that the X aliens called for a crisis when the star Golas was approaching the earth, and extinguished the monster as a proof of friendship. As a result, the world will become a friendly mood with X Alien.

However, Ozaki and Miyuki, who have doubts about the friendly attitude of X Alien, brought in the captain Gordon who was in captivity to his ally, and on the TV program hosted by Miyuki's sister Anna, take over the earth behind the friendship. See through the X-alien plan. The staff member shot down the impatient X-Star commander and became a new control officer himself, calling Earthlings livestock and declaring the suppression of Earth's force. In addition, the monsters that were disguised as extinction by the X-Stars reappear, overrun the city, and sink all the air defense battleships of the Earth Defense Force. Furthermore, even the monster Gigan, which had turned into a mummy, is revived, and the earth is in danger of collapsing.

Gordon takes Ozaki et al. and gets on the new Todoroki Go at the underground dock of the Earth Defense Force. The bet to revive Godzilla from the Antarctic ice block, which wasn't expected by X-aliens, could be dangerous if they could hurt themselves if they failed, but the new Todoroki was launched. Thus, the final operation " Operation Final Wars " is activated.

On the other hand, Kenta, a boy, meets Minra , a friendly monster child at the foot of Mt. Fuji, and heads to Godzilla together.


  • Shinichi Ozaki: Masahiro Matsuoka ( TOKIO )
  • Miyuki Otonashi: Rei Kikukawa
  • Colonel Douglas Gordon: Don Frye (dubbed by Tetsuaki Genda )
  • Anna Otonashi: Maki Mizuno
  • X Alien Staff/Control Officer: Kazuki Kitamura
  • Katsunori Kazama: Kane Kosugi
  • Reiko Nagawa: Kumi Mizuno
  • Hachiro Jinguji: Kenji Sahara
  • Instructor Kumasaka: Masakatsu Funaki
  • Small beauty : Masami Nagasawa , Chihiro Otsuka
  • Major General Kunikida: Wataru Yodo
  • Kenta Taguchi: Kenta Suga
  • Left gate of Taguchi: Shigeru Izumiya
  • X Alien Commander: Masato Ibu
  • Major Komuro: Jun Kunimura
  • First Todoroki Captain: Akira Nakao
  • First Todoroki Deputy Commander: Koichi Ueda
  • UN Secretary-General Secretary: Atsushi Hashizume
  • Captain Fire Dragon Captain Li Xiang: Wataru Takasugi
  • Vice Captain Eclair: Hideo Sakaki
  • TV Reporter: Shinichi Hatori ( NTV Announcer)
  • X (Kenji Kobashi): Kenji Kobashi
  • Television discussion panel: Michael Tomioka , Yoshihiko Otsuki , Junichiro Nirazawa , Tomoe Shinohara , Nobuo Tsunoda , Takashi Matsuo , Daisaku Kimura
  • Man in the priesthood: Shiro Sano
  • Lovers in Tokyo: Shosuke Tanihara , Tamao Sato
  • X stars: Kanae Uotani , Taku Sakaguchi , Kuki Kitaoka , Yusuke Uechi and others
  • Glenn  : Ray Sefo (dubbed by Masanobu Kaya )
  • Nick  : Gary Goodridge (dubbed by Kenta Miyake )
  • Guards in the Punishment Cell Building: Yoji Tanaka
  • Radio DJ: Ryuhei Kitamura
  • Yumi Kikuchi , Shinji Suzuki , Nanami Tomoya , Yasuhiro Takeuchi , TakeShima Yasunari , Seina Kasugai , Ichinohe Nami , Ozaki Migimune , Sanshiro Wada , Liao Hashizume , Reika Kirishima , Mark Okita , Samuel pop , Masushima AiHiroshi , Xuan Inayama , Togawa Takahiro , Chihiki , Akihiro Uga, Luck Okubo , Akane Matsui and others
  • Naotaro Daigo: Akira Takarada
  • Narration: Koichi Yamadera

Suit actors[]

  • Godzilla: Tsutomu Kitagawa ( JAE )
  • Radon, Minilla: Naoko Kamio (JAE)
  • Anguilla, Ebira, Kaiser Ghidorah: Toshihiro Ogura (JAE)
  • King Shisa, Monster X, Kaiser Ghidorah: Nakagawa Sanshu (JAE)
  • Gigan and Hedra: Kazuhiro Yoshida


  • Director- Ryuhei Kitamura
  • Production- Shogo Toyama
  • Producer-Yamanaka Nari
  • Screenplay- Wataru Mimura , Isao Kiriyama
  • Shooting-Takumi Furuya
  • Art-Koji Seshita
  • Recording-Teiichi Saito
  • Lighting-Toshihide Kosaka
  • Edit- Shuichi Kakesu (JAY FILM)
  • Casting-Shiro Kido
  • Action Coordinator- Michihiro Takeda
  • Car Stunt Coordinator-Masanobu Amamiya
  • Assistant Director-Dr. Saito
  • Producer-Kiyomi Kanazawa
  • Title Design- Kyle Cooper
  • Music- Keith Emerson
    • Norihiko Morino , Daisuke Yano
  • Insert Song-"WE'RE ALL TO BLAME" Sum 41 (Universal Music)
  • Godzilla Main Theme- Akira Ifukube
  • Sound Effect Design- Hideyo Sasaki ( Toyo Acoustics )
  • Decoration-Nobuhiro Akita
  • Scripter-Miho Iizuka
  • Associate Producer-Ritsuko Suzuki
  • Overseas/domestic group
    • Direction-Ryuichi Takatsu
    • Shooting-Kiyohisa Nobu
    • Lighting-Masaaki Yokomichi
    • Assistant Director-Hideaki Murakami
    • Production person-Naohiro Kawada
  • Special effects
    • Special Technology- Eiichi Asada
    • Special Art- Toshio Miike
    • Lighting-Takayuki Kawabe
    • Modeling- Shinichi Wakasa
    • Special effects-Kume attack
    • Operation-Satoshi Narumi
    • Godzilla / Suit Action Advisor- Tsutomu Kitagawa
    • Assistant Director- Yoshikazu Ishii
    • Producer-Shunsho Oura
    • Scripter-Chieko Makino
    • Design- Yoji Shinkawa , Katsuya Terada , Yasushi Nirazawa , Shinji Nishikawa
  • Visual effect
    • Supervisor-Osamu Izumiya
    • Produce-Toshihiro Ogawa
  • Special Sponsor- HONDA
  • Special Cooperation- Dentsu Entertainment Business Bureau
  • Production cooperation-China Film Group, China Film Co., Ltd.
  • Shooting cooperation- Toei Tokyo studio , Nikkatsu
  • Production Cooperation- Toho Visual Art , Toho Studio , Tokyo Development Lab , Toho International
  • Toho movie works


Ryuhei Kitamura accepted the offer to direct the film due to being unsatisfied with the Godzilla films of the 80s, 90s and 2000s, stating, "I loved the Godzilla movies back in the ’70s, but not so much the ones released in the 1980s and ’90s. Godzilla movies back in the ’70s were never just monster movies, there were always messages and themes that reflected the time and world within which they were made, and they combined this so well with straight-out entertainment. They lost that touch in the ’80s".

Kitamura has compared Godzilla: Final Wars to that of a musician's "Best of" album, stating "We picked lots and lots of the best elements from the past and combined it in a new way. It's what I love about Godzilla and what I don't love about recent Godzilla movies".

Like previous Godzilla films, Godzilla: Final Wars makes extensive use of practical effects rather than CGI. The special effects were directed and supervised by Eiichi Asada, who also directed the special effects for Godzilla: Tokyo S.O.S. Commenting on the special effects, Kitamura stated at the film's world premiere in Hollywood, "We stick to the special effects. That’s what we've been doing for 50 years. And that’s why Hollywood doesn’t do it. So on the first meeting, I told everybody that we stick to the special effects, and the live action instead of CGI. So it’s a CGI-monster-Hollywood Godzilla versus our man-made live-action monsters."

Filming included on-location shooting in New York City and Sydney, Australia.


Godzilla Final Wars was distributed theatrically by Toho in Japan on December 4, 2004. It was released theatrically in the United States on November 29, 2004 and then released to video on December 13, 2005.

U.S. release[]

Toho held the world premiere of Godzilla: Final Wars at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, California, on November 29, 2004. However, public screenings in the U.S. were extremely limited. It played at the Pickwick Theatre in Park Ridge, Illinois, on July 9, 2005, as part of G-Fest XII, then at the Dryden Theatre in Rochester, New York, on September 3, 2005. While these screenings were subtitled, the English-speaking actors were not dubbed in Japanese, as was the case in Japan. Sony released it to DVD on December 13, 2005, with the same "hybrid" Japanese version, along with the English dub recorded by Red Angel Media in Hong Kong. In reaction to Legendary Pictures' Godzilla reboot, Sony released the film to Blu-ray on May 6, 2014, paired with Godzilla: Tokyo S.O.S..

Thai release[]

Thailand was the first country to release Godzilla: Final Wars on DVD and VCD, in April of 2005.

French release[]

Following a theatrical run in France which started on August 31, 2005, LCJ Editions released a two-disc Godzilla: Final Wars DVD on August 26, 2006.

Russian release[]

Godzilla Final Wars premiered on Russian television on October 31, 2005, followed by a DVD release shortly thereafter.


  • Included in the "GODZILLA FINAL BOX" released on April 22, 2005, prior to individual product sales.
    • Two pieces will be released simultaneously on July 29, 2005 as a single piece of work.
      • Standard Edition (1 DVD set)
      • Special Edition (3 DVD set)
    • On May 14, 2014, a low-priced limited edition was released as "Godzilla 60th Anniversary Edition".
    • Released on June 15, 2016, <Toho DVD Masterpiece Selection> version.
  • Blu-ray Disc was released on September 18, 2009.
    • The low-priced version was released on June 18, 2014.
    • Madman released godzilla final wars in Oceania from 2006-2010.

Godzilla (2014)[]

Godzilla: Final Wars
[[Image:Godzilla (2014) Japanese Poster.jpg|200px|]]
Japan release poster
Directed by Gareth Edwards
Produced by Thomas Tull

Jon Jashni Mary Parent Brian Rogers Executive Producer: Yoshimitsu Banno

Written by Max Borenstein and

Yoshimitsu Banno

Music by Alexandre Desplat
Running time 123 minutes
Budget $160 million

Godzilla is a 2014 american Monster Remake film directed by Gareth Edwards and produced by Legendary Pitcures and co-produced by Warner Bros made to Celebrate 60 Years of Godzilla!


In 1954 in the Pacific Ocean, at the time the scene of numerous American nuclear tests, what was considered a legend for thousands of years was sighted and confirmed: a gigantic amphibious creature dating back to prehistoric times, of gigantic dimensions, called "Gojira" or Godzilla; soon all the world's efforts to destroy the creature (disguised as atomic tests) fail, and the various nations, aware of the impossibility of destroying the monster, give life to MONARCH, an association with the task of monitoring Godzilla and keeping the world in the dark about its existence, while the latter wanders in the depths of the Pacific

In 1999 a mining collapse in the Philippines reveals the existence of an ancient Godzillasaurus fossil combined with two chrysalis still living on two prehistoric monsters. Two MONARCH experts arrive on site, Professor Ishiro Serizawa and his western assistant, Dr. Wates. Scientists discover that one of the two chrysalis has opened and the creature inside has fled; the being in question is a MUTE (acronym in English for Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organism: "gigantic terrestrial organism not identified") that like all creatures of its time, including Godzilla, fed on the radiation present on the surface in prehistoric times. When the radiation decreased, the MUTO took refuge in the depths of the Earth to feed on the radiation emitted by the nucleus of the planet, Godzilla instead went to the depths of the ocean. The MUTO swimming in the ocean in larval form reaches the Japanese nuclear power plant in the city of Janjira, near Tokyo. Here works and lives the American supervisor Joe Brody, with his wife and colleague Sandra and the son Ford, who helplessly witnesses the death of his partner following the devastating attack of the creature, an attack that neither he nor the rest of the world have understood, mistaking it for an earthquake. The power plant collapses, the area is contaminated and all residents evacuated. Fifteen years later Ford Brody, Joe's son, became an officer and veteran of the Navy Seal and an expert blaster. Leaving the past behind, the young man married Elle Brody, a young nurse with whom he became the parent of a child. On the day of his return from the war, Ford was forced to leave immediately for Japan to recover his father Joe arrested by the Japanese police. In fact, his father, obsessed with the accident, became a fervent conspiracy believer that the company he worked for covered up the accident because the cause had not been a calamity but some threat kept secret. This belief prompted him to break the law: go back to the quarantine area to retrieve his old floppy disks in their old house, convinced that there is evidence inside them. Reunited, Joe convinces Ford to bring him back to the old ruined house. The son agrees and once they arrive they discover that contrary to what was expected from a contaminated area the air does not present lethal radiation.

Once the disks have been recovered, the two are arrested by the police and taken to the ruins of the MONARCH-controlled plant, in which there is a huge chrysalis containing the MUTO responsible for the tragedy. After much insistence Joe manages to speak with Professor Ishiro Serizawa, head of the project that explains the need to keep it secret in order to study the creatures. Looking at the data in Joe's diskettes, the professor discovers that the strange vibrations emitted by the creature on the day of the tragedy were not a call for Godzilla (that is what the scientists had speculated) but a loving call for the coupling. Scientists conclude that Godzilla manifested himself because he had been listening. Just then the creature frees itself from the chrysalis revealing itself to be a huge winged beast, which destroys the base and flies away. It is equipped with the ability to emit EMP electromagnetic waves capable of turning off and seriously or irreparably damaging any electronic and digital device within its range. In the devastation Joe is mortally wounded and before expiring Ford is recommended to return to his family and protect her from monsters.

The U.S. military takes over the crisis and Ford is repatriated to Hawaii to take a commercial flight to his home in San Francisco. Meanwhile, Godzilla has begun to move in the direction of the calls of MUTO (which turns out to be a male). The problem arises when the flying monster also heads to Hawaii attracted by a Russian nuclear submarine. At this point the two monsters are revealed and devastate the Honolulu area making their existence come to the fore in the eyes of the whole world. Even in this situation Ford miraculously survives and decides to join the army again to be able to return home first. Simultaneously also the other chrysalis containing a female of MUTO and believed dead she wakes up and devastates Las Vegas (this is because it is kept in the nuclear waste warehouse of Yucca Mountain, Nevada). This creature is much larger than the male and without wings and with a ventral bag full of eggs ready to be fertilized and to start an apocalypse on the planet.

The two monsters head to San Francisco to breed and nest, endangering millions of lives including the protagonist's family. The president authorizes the use of nuclear weapons and the military under the command of Admiral William Stenz on board the USS Saratoga decide to attract the three kaiju with a nuclear missile activated by an analog trigger, and kill them with it, thanks to the powerful wave of d impact that the missile would have generated. Professor Ishiro Serizawa is not convinced of the plan also because his father had been a victim of American nuclear weapons and explains to the military that the only effective way to stop the MUTO is to make them fight against Godzilla, calling it a power sent by nature when it feels a strong imbalance imminent and sends him to restore it. The military's plan fails when the female destroys the convoy and steals the bomb to use it as nourishment for her children by bringing it to the nest in the destroyed city. Shortly after the legendary Godzilla arrives on the scene, ready to fight the two invaders to defend Earth (which is equivalent to its territory). The clash begins and Godzilla triumphs by subduing the female, but shortly after the male arrives to help his partner and things are going very badly for the atomic dinosaur. The two monstrous insects begin to play dirty, simultaneously fighting the opponent in an unequal fight and heavily beating the animal. Shortly after the legendary Godzilla arrives on the scene, ready to fight the two invaders to defend Earth (which is equivalent to its territory). The clash begins and Godzilla triumphs by subduing the female, but shortly after the male arrives to help his partner and things are going very badly for the atomic dinosaur. The two monstrous insects begin to play dirty, simultaneously fighting the opponent in an unequal fight and heavily beating the animal. Shortly after the legendary Godzilla arrives on the scene, ready to fight the two invaders to defend Earth (which is equivalent to its territory). The clash begins and Godzilla triumphs by subduing the female, but shortly after the male arrives to help his partner and things are going very badly for the atomic dinosaur. The two monstrous insects begin to play dirty, simultaneously fighting the opponent in an unequal fight and heavily beating the animal.

Taking advantage of the clash between Godzilla and the two MUTO, Ford and a chosen contingent parachute into the city to retrieve the bomb and defuse it but the trigger device has stopped and the explosion cannot be avoided, thus deciding to carry it on the shoulder to the port and take her away from the city with a civilian ship to detonate her safely in the middle of the water. While soldiers carry the bomb to the coast, Ford remains behind and detonates the nest with fertilized eggs thanks to a tanker full of petrol under the rubble of the nest, attracting the attention of the female who then heads to the point of explosion , thus discovering the slaughter of the brood. This event saves Godzilla, who was at a distinct disadvantage, allowing him to fight the male on equal terms. Shortly thereafter, however, the female finds Ford at the side of the nest and, realizing that she is in front of the person responsible for the death of the young, prepares to annihilate him, but Godzilla saves the soldier, shooting from the jaws the atomic beam that repels the female, who puts herself then in pursuit of the bomb. Meanwhile the clash between the male and Godzilla continues, at the end of which Godzilla puts the male out of play, cleverly impaling him with his tail against the beams of a skyscraper. The building, however, collapses on him, burying it under the rubble. The female reaches the ship and kills the soldiers before they manage to leave. At this point the protagonist takes advantage of a moment of distraction of the creature engaged in attacking another team of soldiers and gets on board the ship, but as soon as the female arrives, furious, is preparing to kill him to avenge his offspring. Ford, however, is saved because Godzilla arrives, knocking down the female with the atomic beam, taking her head, shooting him directly in the mouth and beheading her, and then collapsing on the ground in the ruins, exhausted by the clash and apparently dead.

Ford is rescued from a military helicopter shortly before the explosion and the next day embraces the family in a refuge for survivors in the city stadium. While the rescuers search for the survivors in the rubble, Godzilla gets up and staggers reaches the port where under the astonished gaze of the whole world emits a mighty roar of victory, being renamed by the media with the title of "King of the Monsters" for having shot down the MUTO and saved the Earth. In the end it jumps into the sea and disappears among the waves, returning to rest in the depths of the Pacific Ocean.


The film had a budget of 160 million dollars. The project was initially named with the false title of Nautilus , so as not to attract attention.


A sequel to the film has been announced, which will be a remake of King Ghidorah: The three-headed monster called Godzilla 2: Rise of Ghidorah and the release date has been set for June 8, 2018.


Here are shown the releases in Italian and American cinemas of the film.

  • May 16, 2014 (USA)
  • May 15, 2014 (Italy)


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