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Do You like Yokai Monsters?

the third yokai film: Tokaido Haunted Road

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Or Classic drama films?

Tokyo Story one of the Greatest films ever made in japan.

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kaiju films

The Only kaiju film ever made by Nikkatsu.

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Newly released films

The Cornered Mouse Dreams of Cheese a film that is still in japanese Cinemas!.

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Seven Samurai (also known as Shichinin no Samurai) is a 1954 toho action film, Directed by Akira Kurosawa nd starring Toshiro Mifune and Takashi Shimura . Monochrome , standard size , 207 minutes. Of Japan Warring States era of Tensho year (according to the words in the play 1586  ) was used as a stage, of Nobushi looting suffering peasant seven of which were hired in samurai is, Identification and cooperation while overcoming the friction caused by difference It is a story of protecting the village from the attacks of the field samurai.

It was made over a shooting period of nearly a year, with a production cost equivalent to seven times that of regular works at the time, but it was a highly successful box office . By making full use of multiple cameras, effective use of telephoto lenses , and close editing techniques, we created dynamic action scenes such as the climax heavy rain decisive battle scene. In addition, the United States of western incorporating the technique of, by fine screenplay and the era historical research, traditional action movie is not in the historical drama realism was established.

This work is one of the most famous Japanese movies in the world. He won the Silver Lion Award at the 15th Venice International Film Festival in 1954 . It has a significant impact on many film directors and works at home and abroad, 1960 in the United States in the western " The Magnificent Seven as" remake has been. List of the best movie ( English version ) many times to have been elected, 2018 the BBC was chosen as the first place in the announced "the best ever Foreign Language Film Best 100"  .