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New Godzilla
[[Image:Shin Godzilla (2016) Japanese Poster.png|200px|]]
Directed by Hideaki Anno (General Director)

Shinji Higuchi (Director / Special Skills Director)

Produced by Yoshihiro Satô

Masaya Shibusawa Kazutoshi Wadakura

Music by Shiro Sagisu (Main)

Akira Ifukube (Stock)

Running time 119 minutes (Japan)
Budget 1575345000.00 yen ($15,000,000)

New Godzilla (also known as Godzilla: Resurgence) is a 2016 kaiju film,Directed by Shinji Higuchi.



SPOILER WARNING: This section may contain major plot and/or ending details. Proceed at your own discretion.

8:30 AM on November 3 2016, a large amount of water Vapor erupted off the coast of Haneda in Tokyo Bay, causing a tunnel collapse accident at the Tokyo Bay Aqualine . The government considers the cause to be a submarine volcano or a hydrothermal vent and will proceed with the response. Rando Yaguchi, Deputy Secretary of the Cabinet Secretariat , quickly suggested the existence of giant creatures behind the accident from sightings and videos delivered by the general public on the Internet, but the people around him laughed at it. However, shortly after the tail of the giant creature was reported on television, the government changed its perception. Contrary to the opinion of experts that the landing is impossible for collapsing further under its own weight, huge organism is the Tama River from the estuary Ota in 呑川 the run-up to crawls on the, Kamata landed in, the northward while destroying the city start.

As a result of considering whether to capture or exterminate the other party on the premise that it is a living thing and that it can act on land, the government's countermeasure policy is decided to be extermination. Since its size and nature are unknown, it is expected that it will be difficult to exterminate it with a half-hearted attack, and we are seeking to dispatch the Self-Defense Forces with a defense operation that allows unlimited use of firearms . Although semi -extrajudicial, the first post-war defense operation was requested for the purpose of exterminating vermin.  giant creatures initially proceeded in a manner similar to meandering, they rapidly evolved ( metamorphosis ) and became huge near Kitashinagawa , Shinagawa-ku, and started erect bipedalism. .. After walking for a while, it stopped, and the SDF attack helicopter arrived at the attack position, but the attack was stopped when a resident who was late to escape was found nearby. Immediately after, the giant creature suddenly switched to meandering again and disappeared from the Keihin Canal to Tokyo Bay, but the damage caused by the series of actions was more than two hours after landing, and more than 100 people were dead or missing.

The government will dispatch the Maritime Self-Defense Force to search for a foothold, while preparing for the re-attack of giant creatures, the " Giant Unknown Organism Special Disaster Countermeasures Headquarters " (Giant Disaster Countermeasures ) will be set up with Yaguchi as the secretary general . In the damaged area, detection of unknown radioactive elements and a small increase in radiation dose were confirmed, and the reaction was consistent with the behavioral pathway of giant organisms, so the radiation source was identified as giant organisms. The United States from the President Deputy aide and presidential envoy to Japan in absolute secrecy is, the identity of the huge organisms deep sea marine life that had survived from ancient times is, in illegal ocean dumping large amounts of the radioactive waste to adaptive evolution was " Godzilla "(GODZILLA) is an unpublished creature, and a scholar named Goro Maki who was doing the research is missing, and the mysterious encrypted material left by Maki is sent to the Japanese side. provide. In the catastrophe, Godzilla obtains active energy from the reactor- like organs in the body, and the heat generated from it is dissipated by the blood circulation, so if the blood circulation is blocked, Godzilla will himself to maintain life. We conclude that the activity should be stopped by stopping the scrum and rapidly cooling, and start a concrete study of the " Yaguchi Plan " (tentative name) that freezes Godzilla by oral administration of a blood coagulant .

Four days later, on November 7, Godzilla, which has evolved further than the previous time and has grown to nearly double the size , re-landed around Inamuragasaki, Kamakura City , traversing Yokohama City and Kawasaki City to Musashi Kosugi , Kawasaki City. To reach. In addition to calling on residents to evacuate through J-Alert , the Self-Defense Forces will prevent Godzilla from entering Tokyo from Musashi Kosugi to the Tama River riverbed as a defense line from among several interception operations that have been formulated in advance. Execute the all-out operation " Operation Taba " for the purpose . Even though he challenged with all the firepower that can be thrown from land and air, he could not damage one and was broken through, and Godzilla proceeded to Ota Ward , Setagaya Ward, and Meguro Ward . Following the failure of the operation, the government began to consider applying Japan-US security and requesting the support of the U.S. military, but without waiting for the request, the U.S. independently launched a bomber from Guam to Japan for the purpose of embassy defense. After being notified that he had been sent to Guam, he formally requested the United States to support the attack. Minato-ku for Godzilla, which has been progress to, the US military ofThe B-2 bomber launched an attack with a bunker buster  and succeeded in injuring Godzilla for the first time, but immediately after that, Godzilla started emitting flames from the oral cavity and turned it into a ray of light. When changed, it radiates multiple rays from the back and shoots down all the bombers , destroying the urban areas of the port, Chiyoda, and the central 3 wards. It causes about 3 million casualties to the citizens of Tokyo. In addition, a helicopter on which the Prime Minister and others were evacuating from the Prime Minister's Office to the Tachikawa Wide Area Disaster Prevention Base was shot down by light rays, killing 11 ministers including the Prime Minister  . On the other hand, Godzilla suddenly stops working inside Tokyo Station .

Government functions have been transferred to Tachikawa from the city center, which has suffered high levels of radioactive contamination and catastrophic damage, a temporary deputy for the Prime Minister has been appointed , and Yaguchi has been appointed as the special mission minister for Godzilla countermeasures . From the analysis of Godzilla's tissue fragments obtained by the bombing of the U.S. military, it is possible that Godzilla will multiply by asexual reproduction and colonize in a rat formula in the future, and it will become smaller and winged by individual evolution and cross continents. It has been suggested that it may spread, and it is predicted that the activity will resume in two weeks. Received the data and if the resume activities landing of the mainland likely the United States is the United Nations carried out diplomatic work in, the United Nations Security Council is to Godzilla thermonuclear attack the resolution , the multinational force development is the start of the nuclear attack plan by Will be done. At the same time, 3.6 million residents will be evacuated . The Great Disaster pair longs for the completion of Godzilla's suspension by the Yaguchi plan instead of the thermonuclear attack, but it turns out that Godzilla also had element conversion ability, and there is a concern that the blood coagulant will be incapacitated. Immediately after that, a clue to the decryption of Maki's encrypted material, which had been a mystery until then, was found, and the molecular formula of the extremophile that inhibits the element conversion function of Godzilla can be obtained from the decoding and analysis results . By administering it together with a blood coagulant as an inhibitor, a solution is expected.

As the UN military 's thermonuclear attack is about to begin, the Yaguchi plan will be renamed " Operation Yashiori " and will begin as a joint US-Japan operation. First, Godzilla was awakened by a bomb using an unmanned train, and then an attack by a group of U.S. military unmanned aerial vehicles aimed only at energy consumption continued until Godzilla could not emit light. At the place where the light beam is interrupted, the nearby skyscraper is blown up and collapsed toward Godzilla, and Godzilla is overturned. The construction machinery unit and the concrete pump vehicle corps approach there, and a total of several hundred kiloliters of blood coagulant is poured into Godzilla's mouth from the arm of the pump vehicle. By repeating these steps, Godzilla finally succeeds in freezing.

After that, the radioactive substance of Godzilla's new element that polluted the city center had a very short half-life of 20 days, and it was found that the effect on the human body would disappear in about 2 to 3 years, so there was hope for reconstruction . The thermonuclear attack countdown remains "paused", and if Godzilla resumes activity, a thermonuclear attack will be carried out 58 minutes and 46 seconds later. Yaguchi looks at the frozen Godzilla and decides to settle the situation again. On the other hand, at the tip of Godzilla's tail, which stood frozen beside Tokyo Station, several small humanoid creatures with dorsal fins were standing still.


Hiroki Hasegawa: Rando Yaguchi


  • Production: Minami Ichikawa
  • Executive Producer: Akihiro Yamauchi
  • Producers: Yoshihiro Sato, Masaya Shibusawa, Kazutoshi Wadakura
  • Production manager: Takeshi Sato
  • Line Producers: Toru Mori, Kenmasa Mori
  • Editor / VFX Supervisor: Atsuki Sato
  • VFX Producer: Tetsuo Ohya
  • Photo: Kousuke Yamada
  • Lighting: Takayuki Kawabe
  • Art: Hayashida HiroshiItaru , Saku Eri Shima
  • Recording: Atsushi Nakamura
  • Sound adjustment: Haru Yamada
  • Sound effects: Toru Noguchi
  • Acoustic design: Hideaki Anno
  • Art design: Masato Inatsuki
  • Decoration: Akira Sakamoto, Toshiaki Takahashi
  • Disguise supervision: Isao Tsuge
  • Godzilla Concept Design: Hideaki Anno
  • Godzilla image design: Maeda Maeda
  • Godzilla character design and modeling: Takayuki Takeya
  • CG Producer: Hiromasa Inoue
  • CG Director: Akira Iwamoto
  • CG Supervisor: Tsuyoshi Fushimi
  • Composite Supervisor: Shingo Kobayashi
  • Godzilla Modeling & Compositor: Takuya Uenishi
  • Godzilla Animation Supervisor: Atsushi Sato
  • Godzilla Concept Animator: Shuhei Kumamoto
  • Special modeling producer: Yoshihiro Nishimura
  • Color grader: Seiji Saito
  • Image design: Hideaki Anno
  • Scripters: Yoshiko Taguchi, Junko Kawashima
  • Casting Producers: Go Sugino, Asuka Minami
  • Assistant General Director: Ikki Todoroki
  • Assistant Director: Kimiyoshi Adachi
  • Planning cooperation: Kenji Kamiyama , Hideya Hamada , Nobuo Kawakami
  • Image board: Mahiro Maeda, Yuji Hayashida , Takumi Tanji
  • Storyboards: Ikki Todoroki, Masayuki Masayuki , Kazuya Tsurumaki , Mahiro Maeda, Shinji Higuchi , Hideaki Anno
  • Title logo design: Hideaki Anno
  • Title: Ayano Otsuki, Ikki Todoroki
  • [Privis team]
    • Studio color
    • Modeling Cafe
    • Just Cause Production
    • Dee Visual
    • unknownCASE
    • Aworth
    • Japan CG service
    • WOW
  • [Group B (concurrently serving as a special skill)]
    • Director / Special Skills Manager: Katsuro Onoue
    • Photo: Keizo Suzuki, Keiichi Sakurai
    • Lighting: Atsushi Ogasawara
    • Art: Toshio Miike
    • Special effects / performance: Kazuaki Sekiyama
    • Scripter: Saori Masuko
    • Assistant Director: Gonmasa Nakayama
    • Assistant Director: Ryotaro Kogushi, Tomito Ueda
    • Recording: Hidetoshi Gokon
  • [Group C]
    • Director: Yusuke Ishida
    • Assistant Director: Nao Ichihara, Yu Inose
  • [Group D]
    • Shooting / Recording / Director: Masayuki, Ikki Todoroki, Hideaki Anno
  • Music: Shiro Sagisu , Akira Ifukube " Godzilla ", " King Kong vs. Godzilla ", " Mechagodzilla's Counterattack ", " Battle in Outer Space ", "The Biggest Battle of the Three Monsters on Earth ", "The Great Monster War ", " Godzilla VS Mechagodzilla " 』\
  • VFX: White group
  • Advertising Producers: Muneo Koreeda, Yu Inagaki
  • Publicity: Takamichi Otake, Ryosuke Komiya, Shindai Ishihara, Keisuke Ito
  • Advertising production: Kazue Tsukagoshi
  • Produced by Hitoshi Oshiro
  • Trailer production: Hajime Murata, Aki Tsutagawa
  • Trailer Director: Atsuki Sato, Hideaki Anno, Hideyuki Oe, Yasushi Terahara
  • Steel: Akihiko Nawashima
  • Promotional supervision / poster / Chiashi design: Hideaki Anno, Ikki Todoroki
  • Special cooperation: Dentsu
  • Production Production: Toho Movie , Cine Bazaar
  • Associate Director / Special Skills Manager: Katsuro Onoue
  • Director / Special Skills Director: Shinji Higuchi
  • Screenplay / Editing / General Director: Hideaki Anno
  • Production / Distribution: Toho


the meaning of "Shin" means (in Japanese) True, New or God.

  • New Godzilla (Japanese: シン・ゴジラ Original Japanese release title)
  • Real Godzilla (Translated Japanese title)
  • God Godzilla (Translated Japanese title)
  • Godzilla Resurgence (Early United States release title)
  • True Godzilla (真·哥斯拉, Hong Kong)
  • Authentic Godzilla (正宗哥吉拉, Taiwan)
  • Godzilla Resurges (Godzilla Resurge; Mexico)
  • Godzilla's Return (Godzillan paluu; Finland)
  • Godzilla - The Return (Godzilla - Återkomsten; Sweden)
  • G Work (G作品; Japanese Working Title)


Following the worldwide blockbuster of " Godzilla " released in 2014, it was decided to make Godzilla made in Japan  . Total supervision and the screenplay Anno Hideaki , the supervision and feats director Shinji Higuchi has been appointed, respectively. Initially, Anno has had firmly refused the offer, Toho was accepted in response to the persuasion of sincerity and Higuchi as the "challenge of the one-time"  . The credit of the general director in the Toho special effects movie has been since Sakyo Komatsu of " Sayonara Jupiter " , but unlike Komatsu who left most of the production to director Koji Hashimoto from a supervising position, Anno almost stuck to the scene. I was also involved in the production work.

Takayuki Takeya, who worked on the model model for " Giant God Warrior Theatrical Version Appearing in Tokyo ", was appointed for the design of Godzilla produced in full CG, which is the first in the "Godzilla" series in Japan .  . When he received a request from Higuchi, he was not informed of the details and was only told that he was a "monster with a dorsal fin . " For more information on design Masahiro Maeda Anno based on the concept sketch, Higuchi, Takeya, Katsuro Onoe performed the meeting, Anno is the concept of Godzilla in this work defined as "complete organism"  , in the title, "new", " It was named "Shin Godzilla", which includes multiple meanings such as "true" and "god" .

The names of the characters are from more than 10 works such as Hideaki Anno's wife and manga artist Moyoco Anno 's work and " White Tower ". In addition, it seems that there are five major naming rules  .

The Yoshihiro Sato of the producer, for the words of this work has stated that "the fantasy in the finished movie has thorough investigation about that only Godzilla"  . Anno asked the Ministry of Defense and the Self - Defense Forces for cooperation from the stage of writing the script, and meetings such as "How will the Self-Defense Forces deal with Godzilla when it actually appears" and "Is Godzilla allowed to use weapons?" It is said that the script was completed according to the facts by repeating the above  . Godzilla is referred to in the play as a "giant unknown creature," which is derived from the remarks of bureaucrats attending the meeting . In addition, the Fuji Firepower Review is being photographed as a reference for the attack scene by tanks . In addition to this, he is location scouting at the Prime Minister's Office and the Self-Defense Forces base, but officials at the official residence said, "I want you to stop reproducing it as it is," and the Operations Headquarters and others were not allowed to shoot in the first place .

For the music, Shiro Sagisu, who was in charge of the music for " Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water " and " Neon Genesis Evangelion " directed by Anno, was appointed . According to the Saginosu, 2015 January 1, that was asked to participate in the seat of the meal of the Anno and his wife in  . In addition to the music of "Evangelion" used in the play, the music of Akira Ifukube is also used . Anno decided to use Ifukube music at the stage of writing the script, and the original monaural sound source was used . In addition, ifukube's songs were originally planned to use a pseudo-stereo sound source that was a stereo re-recorded version that reproduced and edited the performance at that time as much as possible on the original recorded version, but just before that, at the discretion of Anno. It was decided to use the original sound source as it is  . The dead pseudo-stereo sound source is recorded in "Shin Godzilla Music Collection"  .

Regarding the role-making of actors, after recording the conversations of politicians and bureaucrats at the meeting and telling the actors, "quickly, fluently and convincingly with many technical terms that you do not usually use. He tried to create the image of "speaking" politicians and bureaucrats .

Godzilla motion capture was in charge of is, Kyogen of Nomura Mansai is a  . This was hidden until the day of the release, and was announced as the "329th cast" on July 29, the first day of the release. Nomura commented, "I have inherited the DNA of Godzilla, a creature that the Japanese film industry is proud of. I am very pleased that the DNA of Kyogen, which has a history of more than 650 years, has been included." to have  .

  • 2014
    • On December 8th, Toho announced the production of Godzilla's new movie . Hiroki Hasegawa
  • 2015
    • April 1, the general director, screenplay to Anno Hideaki , to the supervision and feats director Shinji Higuchi has been announced that it has been appointed  .
    • On September 23, it was announced that the title was " Shin Godzilla " and the performers were Hiroki Hasegawa , Satomi Ishihara , and Yutaka Takenouchi . Hiroki Hasegawa
    • November 2, Ishihara that the shooting has ended October 31, the official LINE was reported in the account  .
    • On December 10th, it was announced that the release date was decided on July 29, 2016, teaser visual , special news, catch phrase "Nippon vs. Godzilla.", Godzilla's body length is 118.5 meters, which is the largest in the series  .
  • 2016
    • On January 6, four photos of Godzilla appearing in this work at Toho Studio were leaked on Facebook . Hiroki Hasegawa
    • On March 25th, in commemoration of the release of this work, the project "Shin Godzilla Movie Total Advance", which will screen 29 works of the series for the first time in history including " GODZILLA Godzilla ", will be held from May 7th to June 17th of the same year. It was announced that it would be held at the Jimbocho Theater . Hiroki Hasegawa
    • The trailer was announced on April 14th. At the same time, the full-body image of Godzilla, the cast, and the staff were also announced . Hiroki Hasegawa
    • On July 1, a new trailer was released exclusively for some theaters . Hiroki Hasegawa
    • On July 19, a press conference was held at the Shinagawa Prince Hotel . Hiroki Hasegawa
    • On July 25, the world premiere was held at TOHO Cinemas Shinjuku in Tokyo, and a red carpet of 118.5 meters, which is the same length as Godzilla, was installed on Central Road in Kabukicho in front of the venue. Red carpet events Central Road that has been drawn before is, officially become the be named "Godzilla load" with a same day, naming ceremony is executive  .

Camera and editing software used[]

The cameras used ranged from high-end movies for movies, which are also used in Hollywood, to the iPhone . In Japan, Adobe Premiere, which is often used in independent films, was used to edit a mixture of cameras of different ranks in Japanese movies that are screened nationwide. rare.

(Main camera, lens) Arri Alexa XT studio (Arri & Richter ), Zeiss Master Prime series + Angénieux Optimo Lenses / (Sub camera, lens) Red Epic ( Red Digital Cinema Camera Company ), Zeiss Master Prime series + Angénieux Optimo Lenses / (Other cameras) Canon XC10, GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition, iPhone 6s Plus  .

As mentioned above, editing work is not the industry standard Avid Media Composer system often used in ordinary Japanese movies, but rather Adobe Premiere Pro CC, which is often used in small-scale video works. Was used. This is because Avid and Premiere handle video materials differently inside the software. In a nutshell, compared to Avid, which has a robust and rigorous design, Premiere mixes various video materials for "flexible editing." "Is light", "a" naughty "design that can be played without rendering" can be used, and it was easy to build a system that allows multiple simultaneous work. In addition, when editing, all still image thumbnails of multi-angle shooting material were printed on A4 and the cut to be adopted was decided, and it was finished by a unique method that can not be thought of in the conventional wisdom of movie production.  .

Response and box office results[]

[1]Plate installed on the side of Godzilla statue in Hibiya Godzilla Square [2]lost to Kimi No Na Wa.

In the movie audience mobilization ranking for the first week of its release announced on August 1, 2016, it won the first place with the mobilization of about 410,000 people, and the box office revenue was about 625 million yen  . According to the box office announcement on August 8, the cumulative mobilization of about 1.45 million people and the cumulative box office revenue of about 2.15 billion yen, which ranked first for two consecutive weeks in the second week of publication  . On August 14th (17 days of publication), the cumulative mobilization was about 2.31 million and the cumulative box office revenue was about 3.38 billion yen, and the final box office revenue of the Hollywood version " GODZILLA Godzilla " released in the summer of 2014 was about 3.2 billion yen. Exceeded  . After that, in the one month from July 29th to August 28th, which was the 5th week of the release, the cumulative mobilization exceeded 3.6 million people and the cumulative box office revenue exceeded 5.3 billion yen, and it became the first Japanese live-action movie released in 2016. Obtained  . Furthermore, by September 6, the cumulative mobilization reached about 4.21 million people and the cumulative box office revenue reached about 6.13 billion yen, and the cumulative mobilization of the 19th work " Godzilla vs. Mothra " released in 1992 exceeded about 4.2 million people since the Heisei series. It was the highest number of mobilization in  . Although it was out of the top three in the 7th week of publication (September 10-11), the cumulative results recorded a mobilization of about 4.51 million people and a box office of about 6.57 billion yen  . Long run after thatThe record was steadily increased, and on November 16th, 111 days after the release, the cumulative mobilization reached about 5.51 million and the cumulative box office exceeded the 8 billion yen mark  . The final box office revenue was 8.25 billion yen  .

On August 15th, a vocalizable screening (voice during the screening, cosplay , bringing in chemical lights is OK) was held at Shinjuku Wald 9 , and Kazuhiko Shimamoto, a cartoonist known for " Aoi Honoo ", attended, and on that day Anno also made a surprise appearance . In addition, on August 24, a screening event for women only, "Women Only Appreciation Conference," was held as a screening similar to the above-mentioned voicable screening, and Mikako Ichikawa, Satoru Matsuo, Shinya Tsukamoto, and Hairi Katagiri were in the play. I took the stage in costume. Tickets for the event became so popular that they sold out within 3 minutes of the start of sales . In addition, the IMAX screening that was held from the release date to August 10 will be re-screened from August 25 to September 9 in the form of receiving a movie hit  , and at TOHO Cinemas Shinjuku on August 26 "Godzilla Eva Giant," which screens three films, " Evangelion New Theatrical Version: Introduction ," " Evangelion New Theatrical Version: Destruction, " and " Giant God Warrior Appearing in Tokyo ," directed by Anno. Shin Soldier Shin Champion Festival"Carried out  , the former Japan theater has been screening the Godzilla series from the era TOHO Cinemas day play for large hit memorial screenings from any September 2 to 15 days  . From 19:30 on September 15th, voicing screenings were held at 26 theaters nationwide from Hokkaido to Fukuoka. At TOHO Cinemas Shinjuku, a stage greeting was held with Hideaki Anno, Michiko Ichikawa, Satoshi Matsuo, Issei Takahashi, and Hiromi Hasegawa as a surprise guest, and the pattern was broadcast live to all theaters.  addition, at United Cinema Sapporo, Kazuhiko Shimamoto and SF writer Yuichi Sasamoto took the stage as a project only for the theater , and the stage greetings of Shinjuku and Sapporo were also distributed online  .

The show outside Japan was held in Taiwan on August 12, 2016, in Singapore on the 16th, in the Philippines on the 24th, in Hong Kong on the 25th, and in the Kingdom of Thailand on September 8th.  . In the United States , it premiered in Los Angeles on October 3rd and in New York on October 5th, and was screened in more than 440 theaters nationwide from October 11th to 18th . On the first day of its release in the United States, it was a feat of breaking into the 10th place in the US box office revenue ranking (at Weekend, the 12th place first appeared in the 422 hall)  . To extend the screening in the United States and Canada, are added screened at 200 Museum on October 22, in the number hall was screened daily until October 27  . The box office record in the United States was about $ 1.5 million . It was also published in Australia, New Zealand and South Korea .

In November 2016, "Shin Godzilla" was nominated for the 2016 U-Can New Words and Popular Words Awards .

In 2020, movie theaters nationwide will be closed due to the effects of the new coronavirus . In the prefectures where the movie theaters were reopened, new films could not be screened, and the revival of this film was held. As a result, it ranked 6th in the weekend mobilization ranking from May 16, 2020 to May 17, 2020. This is the first time in 3 years and 7 months since the ranking announced on October 11, 2016 .


The second place in the 90th Kinema Junpo Best Ten was the first Godzilla work in history  , and as a monster movie, Higuchi served as a special skill director like this work " Gamera: Guardian of the Universe " (Director) Is the second best ten in 21 years since Shusuke Kaneko).

Year of announcement award Department Target result
2016 38th Yokohama Film Festival Best Ten Japanese Movies Shin Godzilla 4th place
Special Grand Prize Hideaki Anno Award
41st Hochi Film Award Best Picture / Japanese Movie Shin Godzilla Nomination
Director Award Hideaki Anno Nomination
Best Supporting Actress Satomi Ishihara Nomination
29th Tokyo International Film Festival ARIGATO Award Shin Godzilla Award
Japan Movie Pen Club Selection Best 5 Japanese Film Division 2016 Best 5 Shin Godzilla Runner-up
34th Golden Gross Prize Excellent silver award Shin Godzilla Award
58th Japan Record Awards Special prize Shin Godzilla Award
2016 hit ranking ( Nikkei Entertainment! ) East Sekiwake Shin Godzilla Award
2016 U-Can New Words and Popular Words Award Candidate word Shin Godzilla Nomination
2017 90th Kinema Junpo Best Ten Best Ten Japanese Movies Shin Godzilla 2nd place
Screenplay Award Hideaki Anno Award
Readers Best Ten (Japanese Movies) Shin Godzilla 2nd place
40th Japan Academy Prize Best Picture Award Shin Godzilla Award
Best Director Award Hideaki Anno (General Director) / Shinji Higuchi (Director) Award
Outstanding Leading Actor Award Hiroki Hasegawa Award
Outstanding Supporting Actress Award Satomi Ishihara / Mikako Ichikawa Award
Outstanding Music Award Shiro Sagisu Award
Best Shooting Award Kousuke Yamada Award
Best Lighting Award Takayuki Kawabe Award
Best Art Award Yuji Hayashida / Eri Sakushima Award
Best Recording Award Atsushi Nakamura (recording) / Haru Yamada (sound adjustment) Award
Best Editing Award Hideaki Anno / Atsuki Sato Award
The 71st Mainichi Film Awards Japan Film Awards Shin Godzilla Award
Actress Supporting Award Mikako Ichikawa Award
Art award Yuji Hayashida and Eri Sakushima Award
Director Award Hideaki Anno Nomination
Screenplay Award Hideaki Anno Nomination
Best cinematography Kousuke Yamada Nomination
Music award Akira Ifukube and Shiro Sagisu Nomination
Recording award Atsushi Nakamura Nomination
59th Blue Ribbon Awards Best Picture Shin Godzilla Award
Best Supporting Actress Satomi Ishihara Nomination
2016 (67th) Art Award Film Division Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award Hideaki Anno (Result of "Shin Godzilla") Award
20th Japan Media Arts Festival Entertainment category grand prize Shin Godzilla (Hideaki Anno, Shinji Higuchi) Award
The 26th Tokyo Sports Film Awards Best Picture Shin Godzilla Nomination
Director Award Hideaki Anno and Shinji Higuchi Award
Best Supporting Actress Mikako Ichikawa Nomination
Osaka Cinema Festival 2017 Best Ten Japanese Film Awards Shin Godzilla 4th place
Best cinematography Kousuke Yamada Award
37th Japan Science Fiction Award Special prize Shin Godzilla (Hideaki Anno) Award
48th Seiun Award Media department Shin Godzilla (Hideaki Anno) Award
Movie treasure 2016 Best Ten Movies Shin Godzilla First place
HIHO Hakusai Award (2016) Shin Godzilla 5th place
Elan d'or Award (2016) Producer Award Film Category Akihiro Yamauchi Award
21st Japan Internet Film Awards Japanese Film Category Best Ten Shin Godzilla 2nd place
Japan Movie Awards Most Voters Shin Godzilla Award
coco award 2016 Shin Godzilla First place
Pia Movie Life User Award 2016 Grand prize Shin Godzilla Award
Japan Otaku Award 2016 Grand prize Shin Godzilla Award
FILMARKS AWARDS 2016 Overall best ten Shin Godzilla 2nd place
Best Ten Japanese Movies Shin Godzilla 2nd place
11th Asian Film Awards Visual effects award Tetsuo Ohya Award
Acoustic award Atsushi Nakamura Nomination
The 29th Nikkan Sports Film Awards, Yujiro Ishihara Award Best Picture Shin Godzilla Nomination
Yujiro Ishihara Award Shin Godzilla Nomination
VFX-JAPAN Award 2017 Theatrical release live-action movie category highest award Shin Godzilla Award
Digital Content of the Year '16 / 22nd AMD Awards Outstanding performance award Shin Godzilla Award
The 19th Scenario Writers Association Ryuzo Kikushima Award Ryuzo Kikushima Award Shin Godzilla Nomination
7th Location Japan Award Holiday department "Shin Godzilla" x Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture Award
36th Fujimoto Award Special prize Akihiro Yamauchi, Yoshihiro Sato Award
43rd Saturn Awards International Film Award Shin Godzilla Nomination


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